About the Small Video Company Ltd

Filming Type 2 Diabetes.  From left to right: Philip, Sara, Susan and Scott.

Who Are We?

The Small Video Company Ltd has been filming educational videos on diabetes for 15 years. How did they get started? Small Video Director, Philip Johnston, recalls:

The Small Video Company's Digital Edit Suite.
"It came from an idea I had when my six year old son Scott had just been diagnosed with type one diabetes. Scott was in hospital for two weeks, most of which was spent getting taught how to deal with insulin doses, injections, ketones etc. This was all very overwhelming, and I was scared I would forget some essential information. So, being in the video industry, I decided to make a video about it for parents everywhere."

Starting with 'Infant Diabetes', a video dedicated to mothers of small children with diabetes, it was soon followed by 'Childhood Diabetes'. Both videos were produced exclusively for the Yorkhill Sick Childrens Hospital diabetes team. Both videos were very well received by hospital staff and parents alike.

Filming on location.

More recently, we produced 'Childhood Diabetes - The No Nonsense Guide', our first DVD, which was aimed at parents and carers of children with type one diabetes from 0-12 years of age. This DVD combined all the best parts of both 'Infant Diabetes' and 'Childhood Diabetes', and was also our first production to be approved by Diabetes UK.

The rest is history in the making...!